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Our Professional Debt Relief Partners Can:

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** CCDR does not provide services under the Bankruptcy Insolvency Act

You will be referred to a Licensed Insolvency Trustee if your situation warrants such services.

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Who Qualifies for Debt Relief?
YOU DO if,
You're a Canadian Citizen with an income source with over $6,000 in debt, and you want to become Debt Free!

Our Professional Debt Relief Partners Can qualify the following debts for reduction:

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How does this work?

Our Debt Relief Program combines several debts into one small monthly payment, often with more favorable terms for clients who are struggling to resolve debts. There is no loan involved. You still have one monthly payment, but it is to a program offered by CCDR. Our certified counselor calculates a monthly payment that you can afford and determines how long it will take (at that rate of payment) to eliminate the debt. Our clients pay their debts. The difference is that they are granted a reduced payback at 0% interest allowing you to avoid bankruptcy.

Your Inquiry is sent to one of our professional Debt Help Co-ordination team members. They will likely reach out to you by Phone, Text, and E-mail to ensure you get the help you requested.  When they speak with you, they will review your specific situation and review the program with you and all of its pros and cons. From there, they will help you gather the required documents and get everything in order, so the process of filing for debt help can be initiated. Once everything is ready to go, you will meet with a local agent in your region to sign your documents. This process can be completed in less than a week. We have been doing this for a long time, and we are the experts in our industry; we say this not to brag but to give you the confidence you are working with the best and that you are in good hands.

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